Sunday, July 02, 2006

Flirty Harry tried to do dirty with me

EXCLUSIVE:Night Prince got his hands on masseuse

By Carole Aye Maung

A PRETTY masseuse has told how Prince Harry couldn't keep his hands off her after she gave him a sexy rub-down.

Maya French claims the sozzled prince chatted her up, kissed her on the lips and twice made a date with her in his VIP room at London's Boujis club, only to pass out drunk before she got there.

She told the News of the World: "He tried it on with me. All it needed was the nod from me and I could have been in his bed. He made that plainly obvious."

Harry will be in trouble when girlfriend Chelsy Davy gets her hands on him. She's already smarting over his naughty night out with his ex, TV presenter Natalie Pinkham, and Page 3 girl Coralie Robinson.

Maya, who works as an ‘Ibiza Angel' offering seven-minute massages as a VIP treat, first met Harry two months ago. "Even though he's a prince and I'm a commoner, we just clicked," she said.


And from then on, Harry was very much hands-on with the stunning masseuse.

"He was very touch-feely, stroking my arm. He didn't try to hide the fact he fancied me," said Maya

And soon Harry was asking the 21-year-old for a massage. Maya revealed: "I was really flattered because he had ALWAYS said no to the offer of a massage from other Angels.

"I couldn't believe that I was the first person he wanted to give him one."

Maya started massaging his back before moving on to his shoulders, neck, head, ears and arms.

"He was writhing with pleasure, rolling his shoulders and lolling his head. He told me that it was the best massage he'd ever had. I was pretty chuffed with that."

So chuffed that she decided to give the prince extras—adding three minutes to the usual seven-minute massage."I pushed the boat out for Harry but only because he's a prince," she said.

However the extra time proved too much. Maya said: "When I stopped, he just sat there motionless. My first thoughts were, ‘Oh my God, I've killed him'. I was worried that I had massaged his temples too hard."

But he had just nodded off and when he came to he apologised and fixed it with Maya's boss so she could party with him. They drank champagne and shots—and then he made his move. "He leaned in towards me and kissed me on the mouth," said Maya.

She had to go back to work but agreed to meet Harry later.

Maya revealed: "When I turned up he was passed out in a drunken stupor on a sofa with his mouth gaping wide open. He was SO drunk."

He did the same thing when she met him again at the club three weeks later. Maya says: "True to form, when I turned up there was Harry sprawled out on the sofa, out for the count."

Maya said: "Harry is like a kid in a candy store inside Boujis. He thinks he can have any woman he wants. They queue up outside his VIP room.

"His girlfriend needs to know what he's like. If he was my boyfriend I wouldn't trust him an inch."

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