Sunday, July 09, 2006


EXCLUSIVE: Crouch's girl bedded builder

By Bethany Usher and Rob Kellaway

Coke-hoovering blonde Abi Clancy watched boyfriend Peter Crouch score a hat-trick for England... then sneaked off for a night of lust with a builder, the News of the World can reveal.

As HE was celebrating the goals against Jamaica with his famous robodance, SHE was plotting a sex session with an ex-lover behind his back.

Wannabe model and singer Abi, 20, confessed her cheating AND her huge cocaine habit to Crouch hours before the vital World Cup game with Trinidad and Tobago.

Rumours emerged that there were pictures of her bingeing on mounds of cocaine at a party, crudely exposing her breasts as blobs of the drug hung from her nose.

Crouch, 25, FORGAVE her, then went on to score the goal that took England through the group stages.

She made a grovelling apology to his father Bruce, who immediately ordered her back to England.

Abi, who'd been bankrolled with thousands of pounds by Crouch to enjoy herself with the other WAGs at their luxury hotel in Baden-Baden, flew home in disgrace.


But within hours, the coke-fiend blonde was cheating on him AGAIN with the same ex-boyfriend.

A Crouch pal said last night: "He expected her at least to behave herself after all that. This new betrayal will be a huge blow."

Abi was seen cheering in the stands with Posh, Coleen McLoughlan and the other WAGs five weeks ago as she watched the 6-0 World Cup warm-up win over Jamaica at Old Trafford, Manchester.

But the next day she rushed to the arms of her lover Ben Lunt, 23, below.

The builder picked her up from her parents' house and took her to his home in Tue Brook, Merseyside, for a night of passion.

Abi emerged around 7.20am the next day and got a taxi home. Friends say Ben had no idea she was also going out with the beanpole Liverpool striker until he read it in a newspaper afterwards.

A close friend revealed: "Ben was gobsmacked.

"He didn't even know Abi had been to the Jamaica game. She had been secretly dating Peter for months, but had done her best to keep it quiet so she could see Ben too.

"She even turned down an invitation to Posh and Becks' pre-World Cup party in case she was photographed with Peter. Ben confronted her after reading the stories but Abi denied it. Then she went to Germany to support Peter at the World Cup. He was devastated."

Abi spent her time partying and shopping with the other WAGs— wives and girlfriends—in Baden-Baden. She was welcomed with open arms by fellow Scousers Coleen and Alex Curran.

But they gave her the cold shoulder after they heard about pictures of her taking cocaine.

Some, snapped two years ago, show the drug around her nose. Others—taken just before she met the Liverpool star—are more graphic.

They show Abi spooning cocaine into her nose with a HOUSE KEY to get high.

In one snap there is cocaine residue on her hand after she's wiped her nose and in another she looks heavily under the influence of the Class A drug.

The pictures were taken at a dance musical festival in Liverpool in August last year. One onlooker recalled: "Abi was really bubbly that night, a real whirlwind.

"Suddenly she had this wrap of cocaine in her hand. There looked like a gram, worth about 60 quid. She was being very open about it, she did not give a t*ss who saw her. She used a key to snort it. I don't know if she realised she was having her picture taken by someone on a mobile phone."

Another source said: "Peter's parents heard about the cocaine and they were furious.

"They were horrified at him being associated with someone who takes drugs and they feared it would distract him from doing his job for England in Germany."

After being sent home, Abi—who is due to star in the next series of Britain's Next Top Model starting on July 24—flew straight to London for crisis talks with her management about how to save her career.

But after a number of photo-shoots she returned to her native Liverpool—and the arms of her former lover Ben.

While Crouch was training and giving interviews to the press in Germany on Thursday, June 22, Abi and Ben met up at a bar where they shocked revellers by kissing and holding hands.

They went for a meal at the Shangri-La Chinese restaurant and karaoke bar before booking a room at Sir Thomas Hotel nearby.

They emerged from the hotel looking dishevelled and in the same clothes at around 11 the next morning. An eyewitness said: "No one could get over the way they were behaving in the bar.

"Everyone knew she's supposed to be going out with Peter Crouch, but she was all over Ben.

"At one point a girl went over and told her she was a slut for messing around behind Peter's back.

"The pair of them started shouting at each other, but Ben went over and rescued Abi.

"They were literally all over each other. She was wearing a little silver dress and he kept rubbing his hand across her back. She looked stunning and the lad couldn't resist her."

Devious Abi, who used to date Ben's twin brother Joe, managed to convince her secret lover that she was not really going out with Crouch after all.


A pal said: "That's why he agreed to see her again. Abi is used to getting whatever she wants.

"She went out with Joe, but it didn't stop her going after Ben. She says she loves Ben, but it didn't stop her going off with Peter.

"Now going out with Peter isn't stopping her sleeping with Ben.

"Abi has always wanted to be famous and she'll do anything to get there. She doesn't care who she hurts.

"Now she's in serious trouble. She is damaged goods and will find it hard to get modelling jobs."


Emma said...

What! What a fucking skanky bitch! Peter deserves so much better! Yuck!

Emma said...

OK, I just read that again, and I am like seething. Yuck! Poor Peter Crouch! He ought to dump that piece of turd!

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abi is such a skanky ugly wannabe bitch hu is a bad golddigga. shes a whore and every1 knos she wudnt b after crouch if he didnt have any money.