Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sven's new Swede-heart

EXCLUSIVE: Sven subs Nancy for younger WAG

By Neil McLeod

England's failed soccer boss Sven Goran Eriksson is nuzzling up to a girl young enough to be his daughter.

The News of the World has obtained pictures showing the 58-year-old serial love cheat getting close up and personal with the bikini-clad beauty before disappearing with her into a secluded summerhouse in the grounds of his Swedish lakeside home.

They are believed to have spent the entire afternoon in there despite brilliant sunshine outside.


Meanwhile Nancy, 47, was hundreds miles away in Italy after the former England coach:

# DITCHED her following the team's disastrous exit from World Cup.
# BANNED her from accompanying him home to Sweden.
# REFUSED to return to join her at a close pal's wedding this weekend.

On Friday night, during a furious phone row, Sven told Nancy there was NO CHANCE of a reconciliation.

As well as his touchy-feely time with the young brunette, the News of the World can reveal that Sven has also secretly rekindled an old romance with a family friend in her forties.

A source close to Nancy told us: "She was desperate to go to Sweden with Sven but he told her in no uncertain terms he wanted to be on his own. He's determined to be rid of her for good. She's distraught."

Certainly Nancy, right, seemed to be the last thing on Sven's mind last week as he relaxed at his £2 million retreat on Sweden's Lake Fryken—scene of last Sunday's News of the World scoop when we caught Sven gibbering to himself and talking to handfuls of pebbles! Sven was joined by his commercial manager Lars Sternmarker, another girl and the mystery brunette. And Sven only had eyes for her as they spent time chatting and laughing together.

At one stage lusty Sven, in baggy white swim shorts, shared a long, lingering touch with the girl as they held hands. Sven even perched himself on the end of her sun lounger, leaning against her naked legs as they shared a sunbed on the waterside patio.

Mysteriously, a girl looking very much like Sven's new young woman was seen drinking in a bar with Nancy

in England's HQ town of Baden Baden during the World Cup in Germany last month. One onlooker said: "Sven was clearly close to this girl. She seemed to hang on his every word and they shared quite a few laughs.

"And everyone knows he can't resist girls with dark hair and dark skin. He didn't have the look of someone just getting a split with his long-term lover. And he certainly didn't have the look of someone who should be hanging their head in shame over the World Cup farce.

"They seemed very close. When they held hands it was definitely like they didn't want to let go and acted as if there was no one else around." Astonishingly, Sven was once pictured intimately cuddling up to Nancy on the very same sunbed.

A family source also gave us the lowdown on the other new woman in his life. The pal said: "She's an old flame and they've recently been seeing each other again. They really enjoy each other's company but he won't be announcing her as his new girlfriend. He wants to keep it casual.

"He has wanted to end things with Nancy for two years but decided to wait until after he World Cup.

"He hasn't considered it a proper relationship for some time, but regarded Nancy as someone he was obliged to attend functions with from time to time. And he was furious at her when he learned in the News of the World how she'd been tipping off freelance photographers——and had pocketed £27,000 in the process

"He believed that story 100 per cent. Nancy is now absolutely beside herself. She feels she's stuck with him through thick and thin since 1998, including his affairs with Ulrika Jonsson and FA secretary Faria Alam, below, and this is no way to be treated.

"But Sven has totally refused any reconciliation and they had another big row on Friday night. They were due to go to the wedding of Arsenal boss David Dein's daughter this weekend but Sven refused so he could avoid being with her."

Nancy is also upset at the way she was dumped.


After telling the nation he was sorry for England's dismal World Cup exit, Sven jetted off to his lakeside home in Bjorkefors, just outside Sunne in Sweden. But he ordered Nancy, who was with friends in Rome, not to join him. He then told her they were finished.

She repeatedly phoned Sven, begging him to relent but he put his foot down and told her to move on.

Nancy's friend revealed: "She was shocked because she had never heard him so forceful and it left her in floods of tears."

There are bound to be more problems when it comes to dividing up their huge wealth.

Sven earned £25 million from his five years as England boss and over that time made a number of investments with Nancy.

They have sold their £3million mansion near London's Regent's Park for a £400,000 profit and are currently negotiating their shares.

But a source close to the pair said: "Whatever happens Sven just wants Nancy to get on with her life without him.

"He's certainly going to be enjoying life without her!"

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