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Sunday, March 25, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Harry's boozy night with 'other girl'

By James Weatherup & Rav Singh

FIGHTING drunk Prince Harry exploded into booze-fuelled rage on Saturday after being caught on a secret date.

Our astonishing pictures show the paralytic prince crashing onto his backside as a minder tries to manhandle him into his car.

Other photographs show how, seconds earlier, Harry ran amok, attacking one snapper and yelling at him to "F*** off" as he sneaked out of a London club following a night out with very close friend Natalie Pinkham.

The 22-year-old prince — due to head to Iraq for a six-month tour with his unit in weeks — was furious that he'd been spotted meeting former TV presenter Natalie, 29, while girlfriend Chelsy Davy is away on her gap year.

The two had spent the night canoodling on the dance floor of Boujis, with Harry caressing the beauty whose boobs he once famously groped on another wild night out in London nearly four years ago.

One fellow clubber revealed yesterday: "He and Natalie were dancing very close and his hands were everywhere."

Harry tried to sneak out of the back door of the club at 3am yesterday while Natalie left by the front. But when the royal on the razzle spotted photographer Nirach Tanner waiting he chased him down the street in a fury.

"He was very drunk. I took a few shots of him and he just came for me," said Tanner, 27. "He knows me because I've taken his pictures before and I have never had a problem with him.

"He saw me as he came out of the club's rear entrance because he didn't want to be spotted leaving with Natalie.

"He screamed at me to ‘F*** off', then grabbed me and tried to shove me over. He had his hands around my collar and back.

"It was an assault. I've never known anything like it before."


Another photographer who saw the prince lunge at Tanner said: "Harry's mood changed as he came out and he started chasing after him. It was only for seven or eight yards but the prince went to grab him.

"If Tanner hadn't been trying to get away it could have got ugly. I thought they taught discipline in the army but Harry wasn't exactly showing any.

"His bodyguard tried to stop him getting hold of Tanner but then things went pear-shaped when Harry tried to change direction and get into his Range Rover which had driven up.

"He turned sharply left, completely lost his footing and fell on his backside. We could see he was wearing pink socks and pink boxer shorts. He was all over the place.

"The bodyguard had to help him up and direct him into the car. Harry looked a bit dazed but didn't say anything and got in and buried his head in his arms."

Royal raver Harry's antics will doubtless be of huge interest to absent girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 21, now on a round-the-world tour after graduating from university in Cape Town, South Africa.

In the club Harry and Natalie — who he describes as one of his favourite drinking buddies — knocked back vodka and Red Bull.

The two were surrounded by royal protection officers at a private corner table. Harry's pal and former royal aide Mark Dyer was also there.

Harry and Natalie occasionally dashed out onto the tightly packed floor where they danced close together with the Prince caressing the sexy brunette's curves.

A fellow reveller said: "Harry was obviously very drunk. He and Natalie spent most of the night huddled together at a corner table beside the dance floor where Harry's bodyguards did their best to hide them both from view.

"They ordered full-size bottles of vodka and cans of Red Bull and mixed their own drinks at the table. It was clearly a big night out for both of them. Harry kept putting his arm around her.

"At times it even looked like he was kissing her neck — although it was difficult to see. They were certainly being very touchy-feely with each other."

The prince also danced with a second girl — an attractive mystery blonde.

Our source revealed: "They were gyrating together. He held her very close and had his leg between hers. He was totally out of it. It was like something from a hip hop video.

"The club was totally packed and he was constantly bumping into other people but he just didn't care."

After the near brawl in the street, there was nearly another incident as Harry's Range Rover sped off into the night.

Tanner added: "The driver panicked and floored it while Harry's friend Mark Dyer was half in and half out of the car. I screamed at him to stop otherwise Mark would definitely have fallen out. Luckily for him he did and Mark was able to scramble in and then they roared off.

"It's hardly the way for a prince to behave on a night out, is it?"

MEANWHILE Harry's brother Prince William danced on a PODIUM for revellers at a Bournemouth nightclub.

The young royal turned up at Elements on Thursday night with a bunch of army buddies and posed for mobile phone snaps with local girls before demonstrating his moves on the podium.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Sally Clarke drank herself to death

By Neville Thurlbeck

TRAGIC cot death mum Sally Clark drank herself to death as she tried to drown out the pain of being wrongly jailed for murdering her two baby boys.

The 42-year-old solicitor was found dead at her home on Friday following a massive heart attack brought on by years of boozing to blot out the horror of losing both tots to cot death.

Her devoted husband Stephen was away on business.

Speaking exclusively to the News of the World, Sally's closest family friend John Batt revealed: "She was drinking to console herself and to ease the pain of her grief. It was no secret she had an alcohol problem.

"If it was a bad day, she was inconsolable — that's the best way of putting it, I suppose.

"Fortunately, as friends we didn't see too many of those. But Steve saw them all. You go through ten years of that sort of torture and it does something to you.

"But Sally was the best mother a child could wish for. How tragic it is for her family to be facing all this on Mothering Sunday."

In Sally's own moving written account of her problems she wrote: "As time has gone by since my release things have got worse, not better.

"Now I am devastated that I seem to be going backwards... I can't cope."

Professor Sir Roy Meadow - the disgraced paediatrician expert whose flawed evidence sent Sally to jail in 1999 with two life sentences — has been accused of having blood on his hands.


Sally's furious father-in-law Thomas Clark said: "Why don't you track down Roy Meadow and ask him what he thinks about this?

"He has put this family through more grief than you can ever imagine.

"I hope he rots in hell."

The 73-year-old professor was in hiding after news of Sally's death broke. Curtains at his £500,000 cottage in the picture-postcard Warwickshire village of Upper Tysoe were closed and the door remained firmly locked.

He failed to come to the door and speak to the News of the World, or offer any sort of public apology or statement of regret over Sally's death.

Neighbours told callers he did not want to answer questions over whether he felt any guilt over the tragedy. One insisted: "He won't want to speak to you."

When paramedics answered Friday's 999 call to Sally's home in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, her third son — who is now eight and cannot be named for legal reasons — was with another member of the family.

A police spokesman said: "Mrs Clark was alone at the time of her death. And we do not suspect suicide. A post-mortem will take place on Monday. This may show that she had taken something but we very much doubt it."

Paramedics at the scene suspected a massive cardiac arrest.

Mr Batt, also a lawyer, has known the Clark family for more than 30 years and wrote a book about the battle to clear Sally's name.

He added: "I spoke to Sally last Monday and last saw her a couple of weeks ago when they came over to visit us.

"She was fine. But it depended on whether you caught her on a good day or a bad day.

"The succession of disasters that overtook her life is the stuff of nightmares. Her death is simply the last in a succession of terrible tragedies.

"Christopher and Harry, the babies who died, were more important to her than her own life. She absolutely adored both of them. She would never, ever, in a million years have harmed a hair on either of their heads.

"She was a wonderful mother, absolutely wonderful. Her surviving son totally adored her. She was a magical mother, there's no other word for it.

"When those babies died her life fell completely apart. And before she had a chance to grieve for them the whole machinery of the criminal justice system swung into action.

"She was arrested, charged with murder, convicted and locked up. She served 3 years before the second appeal cleared her name and freed her.

"I don't think anyone ever recovers from something like that.

"But as well as being an amazingly talented mother she was an amazingly gifted lawyer. I've no doubt that, had she chosen to do so, she could have gone right to the very top."

Sally's 1999 trial at Chester Crown Court, where she was accused of smothering 11-week-old Christopher and shaking eight-week-old Harry to death at their home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, sparked sensation.

It was there that Sir Roy, as an expert witness for the prosecution, rejected Sally's testimony that her babies had both suffered cot death 13 months apart.

The jury convicted Sally after he insisted there was only a one in 73 MILLION chance of that being true.

But Stephen, 45, also a solicitor, always vowed she was not guilty. On the day she was led away to prison in handcuffs he declared: "My wife was a caring devoted mother to our sons. She is innocent."

As he began his long crusade to clear her, Sally discovered the hell she was in for behind bars. In her own moving account of that time she wrote: "At Styal Prison as I walk through the door 50 faces stare at me, screaming, ‘Here's the nonce!' ‘Murderer!' ‘Die woman, die!'

"I am put in a small holding cell.

"Other prisoners are banging on the door, shouting more abuse and clambering up to look through the window. I feel like a caged animal."

On the outside there were raised voices too. Professor Meadow's 73-million-to-one theory was rubbished by The Royal Statistical Society.

They wrote to the Lord Chancellor saying there was NO statistical basis for his evidence. And The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths produced evidence that second cot deaths in the same family occur roughly once a year.

Experts now believe the risk could be as high as one in 100.

Meanwhile Stephen uncovered key Home Office evidence NOT revealed to the jury or the defence team — that Harry's body had contained lethal levels of bacterial infection indicating death by natural causes.

In January 2003 Sally's conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal and she was free. But her nightmare was never to end.


Angela Cannings — another mum left "an emotional wreck" after being wrongly convicted of murdering her two baby sons in 1999 — spoke out passionately to challenge discredited expert Sir Roy.

"He should feel ashamed of himself," said Angela, 43, at her Cornwall home.

"He has to take some responsibility for what's happened and have the guts to make a public apology. But he's not the only one who should feel shame. The Crown Prosecution Service had a hand in our convictions as did the police and social services.

"They all helped convict people who were completely innocent, ripping lives and families apart."


By Jayne Butterworth

IT'S almost impossible to comprehend what Sally went through. Not only did she lose the babies she loved, but she was falsely imprisoned and, subsequently, endured abuse and mental torture.

No wonder she found it so difficult to come to terms with her life after her release. She had won back her freedom but what life was left waiting for her? She had lost her children but she never had the opportunity to grieve for them AND she had been accused of their murder.

Turning to alcohol when you're trying to mask inner pain seems tempting because it obliterates the hurt and stops you having to deal with the horror. But you can't put a sticking plaster over such a deep wound.

As for her husband Steve and their son, what terrible torments for them to have to endure.

Sally showed incredible strength to survive her ordeal and beat the justice system. Sadly she could not escape the demons in her head. And it was those demons that eventually overwhelmed her.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Heather Mills' £29m kiss-off from Macca

By Rav Singh & James Desborough

HEATHER Mills has sensationally backed down in her bitter divorce battle with Paul McCartney — and is set to accept a £29 million cash and property settlement.

Sources close to Macca's camp told the News of the World: "It's amazing how quickly things have turned around. Heather has caved in on lots of things — including the money demands and sole custody of daughter Beatrice — and we now expect her to settle."

News of the planned settlement — which works out at £696 an hour for their 1,735 days of marriage so far — comes after a fortnight of blazing rows between the couple.

They have silently faced each other at the High Court three times for opening hearings over the divorce. But in private they have been letting fly.

After one session furious Macca ranted at Heather down the phone:

"I just can't wait until I never have to see your face again!"

But she blasted back: "You'll never get rid of me!"

And in another vicious screaming match about one-legged Heather appearing in US prime time show Dancing With The Stars, Sir Paul labelled the move "tacky".

He rubbished the idea and predicted she will become a "reality TV freak like Anna Nicole Smith".


A close friend of Heather insisted that a settlement deal wouldn't buy her silence about claims Paul had been violent towards her.

Heather — dubbed Mucca because of her porn and vice past — has repeatedly told her pal: "I will NOT sign a gagging clause because I want people to know the truth."

But an end to the bitter court battle is in sight after the warring couple — who wed in June 2002 — finally came close to agreement over the key issue of joint child custody.

The Beatles legend had been desperate to secure his share of control over three-year-old Beatrice.

And we can reveal Heather, 39, is expected to drop her outrageous demand for £3.4 million a year (£10,000 a day) just "to get by". Instead it is believed she will accept the scaled-down pay-off.

Included in the deal is one of Macca's homes — likely to be his £4 million luxury Georgian house in St John's Wood, London.

A source close to Sir Paul said: "Heather's completely changed her stance. Only recently Paul's team were worried she might have upped the stakes by threatening to leave England, taking Beatrice with her.

"It didn't happen but it would have driven Paul to the brink. He doesn't care where Heather ends up but he is devoted to caring for Beatrice and couldn't bear the thought of not being able to see her.

"Being realistic it could still take weeks to finally thrash out a deal but they're on the right path and now they're talking the same language. And if negotiations keep going this well it could be even sooner."

The new deal saves 64-year-old Macca a fortune on the £32 million settlement first offered in January and exclusively revealed by the News of the World. Under that proposal Heather would have walked away with TWO houses.

Last week Paul gave a V for victory sign as he left the court.

Now the settlement will be thrashed out by lawyers Anthony Julius and Fiona Shackleton, who arranged the deal between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Our source said: "It seems Heather has been stung by the outrage over her cash demands. She thought she was entitled to that much but realises the longer this battle goes on the worse she'll come out of it.

"She's ready now to make a compromise. There's been a great deal of horse-trading between the lawyers.

"Sir Paul will be delighted. All he ever wanted was for this to be settled so he can get on with his life."

But Heather's camp insisted there were other motives behind the new moves — and they centre on the leaked divorce papers that reveal she had accused Macca of humiliating and physically abusing her.

The claims included allegations that Paul poured wine over her, stabbed her arm with a broken glass, shoved her violently into a bath when she was pregnant and pushed her over a coffee table.

A friend said: "He won't let it go to court, that's for sure. Heather has independent witnesses to support her claims, medical evidence and tapes in which he states his intentions very clearly. Why would Paul want that discussed in court and have to live with that stigma for the rest of his life?

"Maybe it's getting closer to a settlement but what's clear is there's a very nasty and evil campaign going on here.


"What McCartney has done is categorically deny the wife-beating, saying it's disgraceful and disgusting, then settle so she won't have a chance to show the evidence to back up what she said.

"I know that Paul's worn her down and she got completely fed up with the whole thing. But he'll never keep her quiet."

On Friday Heather was spotted enjoying drinks at a Brighton pub then dinner at a restaurant with her American make-up artist friend Mark Payne, also pictured with her at court on Tuesday.

Now it's clear that she had plenty to celebrate.

On top of the £29 million deal, legal sources said Paul had failed in an attempt to have Heather's divorce petition citing those accusations of physical abuse thrown out of court.

And she won a larger-than-expected interim annual maintenance payment.

Plus Macca has agreed to pay a lump sum — thought to be as much as £2 million — for her security needs during the divorce procedings. Heather also clinched her right to take Beatrice to Los Angeles to be with her next week as she competes in the dance show.

Her friend stressed: "Heather has NO plans to move to America because she, her friends and family are in England. And there'll be NO custody battle as she and Paul both want Bea to be happy. Heather wants to do this show because it will take her mind off the divorce battle.

"And she wants to take Bea along not as a publicity stunt, as critics claim, but simply because she's a caring mum.

"The deal is she will take Bea out for a couple of weeks during her Easter holiday and then Paul will look after her.

"In the past Heather's been distraught about the backlash she's received over the divorce case. She's been phoning me in tears.

"But she has really enjoyed doing the show and now sounds very upbeat."

Monday, March 05, 2007

CASH FOR HONOURS: Fury over 'bid to destroy' probe

By Ian Kirby and Lucy Panton

DETECTIVES involved in the cash-for-honours inquiry believe Downing Street is trying to wreck their investigation by leaking top secret evidence.

They hit out after being forced to get Attorney General Lord Goldsmith to issue an injunction on Friday night — stopping the BBC from running new allegations about the probe.

We can reveal police acted after the Beeb obtained an email understood to contain damning evidence about an alleged cover-up by No 10 officials over giving peerages to prominent Labour Party donors.

The row puts the spotlight on Labour fundraiser Lord Levy and Downing Street aide Ruth Turner.

They have each been arrested and questioned twice during the 11-month inquiry, as the investigation concentrated at first on cash-for-honours and then on allegations of a cover-up. Downing Street has consistently denied any wrong-doing over the inquiry.

But furious detectives believe the leak was a deliberate attempt to destroy the probe, which is now in its final stages.

A Crown Prosecution Service source said: "We believe the leaks are coming from government sources who are trying to disrupt the inquiry.

"If evidence police are hoping to rely on appears in the media it could bring down the whole case. Those in the firing line are well aware of that."

The move for an injunction also prompted intense speculation that charges could be imminent.

The News of the World has learned that detectives believe they have uncovered clear evidence to bring charges alleging a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell said he believed Lord Goldsmith had intervened because charges were imminent.

He explained: "The important thing to remember is that the Attorney General acts in the public interest and, in particular, he has an interest to ensure that no possible prosecution is prejudiced and no possible defence is prejudiced.

"The inference of Lord Goldsmith's actions was that he at least contemplates the possibility that a prosecution of some kind will follow."

And media lawyer Mark Stephens said: "I would expect a development this weekend. I would be astonished if there wasn't."

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Exclusive: Prince buys his own kit

By Ryan Sabey

PRINCE Harry has had to spend more than £1,000 on extra kit for duty in Iraq in a damning indictment of the funding of British forces.

The 22-year-old royal — third in line to the throne — bought at least TEN items considered vital for his tour in war-torn Maysan province in May.

But scores of junior-ranking troops in Harry's Blues and Royals regiment have complained they simply cannot afford the equipment.

Many earn less than £16,000-a-year.

Poor or missing kit has blighted the Iraq campaign despite repeated government promises of help.

In March 2003 Sgt Steve Roberts, 33, was shot dead at an Iraqi checkpoint after being ordered to give his body armour to a colleague judged to be at greater risk days earlier.

Six Red Caps were killed by a mob when they were sent 12 miles from base with communications equipment that could only reach nine miles.

Harry's self-bought kit includes a lightweight Para helmet costing £225, far more comfortable than normal Army-issue, and £70 for some specialist goggles.

The prince has also spent more than £300 on three pairs of boots — troops say standard issue footwear simply isn't good enough. He paid £110 for a pair of Lowas, £125 on waterproof jungle boots and £70 on Magnum desert boots.

The prince has also spent £140 on a Global Positioning System so he can pinpoint exactly where he is on the Iraq-Iran border.

Along with many others in his troop he has forked out £80 on a quality sleeping bag.

Harry also bought £30 Helly Hansen long-johns for the cold nights.


Less expensive items include extra webbing to hold equipment like drinks bottles and a Gerber knife, both cost £20.

Harry will be in charge of 11 men patrolling an area populated by Iranian-backed Shia Muslim extremists loyal to cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

The unit will carry out long-range desert patrols.

A source said: "The squaddies have been saying for a long time that they don't get any help paying for equipment. It's a case of having the right kit for the job.

"There's no resentment towards Harry. It just shows how standard Army equipment isn't up to scratch."

Sunday, February 18, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Lord Goldsmith admits affair with barrister

By Philip Whiteside

THE country's highest-ranking lawyer, Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, has sensationally confessed to the News of the World that he cheated on wife Joy with a top barrister.

Lord Peter Goldsmith, a close friend and long-time ally of Tony Blair, admitted having an affair with Kim Hollis — the first Asian woman to reach the rank of Queen's Counsel.

He made his shock confession to us in the week it was revealed Director of Public Prosecutions Ken Macdonald had cheated on HIS wife Linda with blonde barrister Kirsty Brimelow.

When we asked him about mum-of-two Mrs Hollis the Attorney General, who is the DPP's boss, released a statement saying: "My wife knows all about this and has done for some time. It is all in the past.

"We are both very happy. This is a private matter and my wife and I have no further comment."

MPs last week demanded to know whether the DPP was guilty of a conflict of interest as a result of the affair with high-flier Kirsty.

Their concerns may now extend to whether the Attorney General could also have been compromised by having a close relationship with a senior QC.

One source said: "You have to question whether they've had their minds fully on the job of looking after the legal needs of the government and country."

As Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, 57, is the government's legal adviser.

He was appointed to the £106,358-a-year post in 2001 and his most famous act was telling the Cabinet he believed the invasion of Iraq was justified under international law.


Having previously questioned its legality, he was accused of caving in under pressure. Since then he has been mired in controversy over his decision to abandon a prosecution over the export of arms to Saudi Arabia.

The Prime Minister was understood to have been keen to appoint Lord Goldsmith to the post of Lord Chief Justice when Lord Woolf stood down, but the plan was abandoned in the face of massive opposition.

There have recently been growing calls for his position to be scrapped with confidence in his role as an independent legal adviser to the government at an all-time low.

Before joining the Government, Lord Goldsmith was one of the founders of the Bar Council's Pro Bono Unit which offers free legal work for people in need.

He was chairman of the unit from 1996 until he took on the role of Attorney General.

Lord Goldsmith, who went to the same Quarry Bank School in Liverpool as John Lennon, once said if he had not become a lawyer he wanted to be the "Fifth Beatle."

He and Joy, left, have three sons and a daughter in their teens and early 20s and live in London's Westminster.

Mrs Hollis, 49, the grand-daughter of an Indian freedom fighter who battled alongside Mahatma Gandhi, split from her husband Andrew three years ago.

It is unclear if her affair was the cause of the break-up. But it is believed she and Lord Goldsmith met regularly in secret over several months behind the backs of both spouses.

The attractive QC was called to the Bar in 1979 and soon after began to specialise in defending those accused of sex crimes and so-called honour killings.

But perhaps her most famous case was prosecuting the man who handled thousands of pounds worth of Victoria Beckham's designer underwear after it was stolen at an airport.

She grilled binman Mark Oliver in the case at Isleworth Crown Court and spoke with Posh when she took the stand to give evidence in 2001.


Mrs Hollis helped secure the conviction against Oliver, who got 15 months in jail for handling the clothes.

She became a QC, the legal profession's most prestigious inner circle, the following year.

Mrs Hollis, born in the Forest of Dean to an Indian father and British mother, has two children by Andrew, one at university and the other taking GCSEs.

There was no reply at Mrs Hollis' home in Fulham, west London, on Saturday.

Lord Goldsmith was on an official trip to the US with his wife.