Sunday, March 25, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Harry's boozy night with 'other girl'

By James Weatherup & Rav Singh

FIGHTING drunk Prince Harry exploded into booze-fuelled rage on Saturday after being caught on a secret date.

Our astonishing pictures show the paralytic prince crashing onto his backside as a minder tries to manhandle him into his car.

Other photographs show how, seconds earlier, Harry ran amok, attacking one snapper and yelling at him to "F*** off" as he sneaked out of a London club following a night out with very close friend Natalie Pinkham.

The 22-year-old prince — due to head to Iraq for a six-month tour with his unit in weeks — was furious that he'd been spotted meeting former TV presenter Natalie, 29, while girlfriend Chelsy Davy is away on her gap year.

The two had spent the night canoodling on the dance floor of Boujis, with Harry caressing the beauty whose boobs he once famously groped on another wild night out in London nearly four years ago.

One fellow clubber revealed yesterday: "He and Natalie were dancing very close and his hands were everywhere."

Harry tried to sneak out of the back door of the club at 3am yesterday while Natalie left by the front. But when the royal on the razzle spotted photographer Nirach Tanner waiting he chased him down the street in a fury.

"He was very drunk. I took a few shots of him and he just came for me," said Tanner, 27. "He knows me because I've taken his pictures before and I have never had a problem with him.

"He saw me as he came out of the club's rear entrance because he didn't want to be spotted leaving with Natalie.

"He screamed at me to ‘F*** off', then grabbed me and tried to shove me over. He had his hands around my collar and back.

"It was an assault. I've never known anything like it before."


Another photographer who saw the prince lunge at Tanner said: "Harry's mood changed as he came out and he started chasing after him. It was only for seven or eight yards but the prince went to grab him.

"If Tanner hadn't been trying to get away it could have got ugly. I thought they taught discipline in the army but Harry wasn't exactly showing any.

"His bodyguard tried to stop him getting hold of Tanner but then things went pear-shaped when Harry tried to change direction and get into his Range Rover which had driven up.

"He turned sharply left, completely lost his footing and fell on his backside. We could see he was wearing pink socks and pink boxer shorts. He was all over the place.

"The bodyguard had to help him up and direct him into the car. Harry looked a bit dazed but didn't say anything and got in and buried his head in his arms."

Royal raver Harry's antics will doubtless be of huge interest to absent girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 21, now on a round-the-world tour after graduating from university in Cape Town, South Africa.

In the club Harry and Natalie — who he describes as one of his favourite drinking buddies — knocked back vodka and Red Bull.

The two were surrounded by royal protection officers at a private corner table. Harry's pal and former royal aide Mark Dyer was also there.

Harry and Natalie occasionally dashed out onto the tightly packed floor where they danced close together with the Prince caressing the sexy brunette's curves.

A fellow reveller said: "Harry was obviously very drunk. He and Natalie spent most of the night huddled together at a corner table beside the dance floor where Harry's bodyguards did their best to hide them both from view.

"They ordered full-size bottles of vodka and cans of Red Bull and mixed their own drinks at the table. It was clearly a big night out for both of them. Harry kept putting his arm around her.

"At times it even looked like he was kissing her neck — although it was difficult to see. They were certainly being very touchy-feely with each other."

The prince also danced with a second girl — an attractive mystery blonde.

Our source revealed: "They were gyrating together. He held her very close and had his leg between hers. He was totally out of it. It was like something from a hip hop video.

"The club was totally packed and he was constantly bumping into other people but he just didn't care."

After the near brawl in the street, there was nearly another incident as Harry's Range Rover sped off into the night.

Tanner added: "The driver panicked and floored it while Harry's friend Mark Dyer was half in and half out of the car. I screamed at him to stop otherwise Mark would definitely have fallen out. Luckily for him he did and Mark was able to scramble in and then they roared off.

"It's hardly the way for a prince to behave on a night out, is it?"

MEANWHILE Harry's brother Prince William danced on a PODIUM for revellers at a Bournemouth nightclub.

The young royal turned up at Elements on Thursday night with a bunch of army buddies and posed for mobile phone snaps with local girls before demonstrating his moves on the podium.

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