Sunday, June 25, 2006

Monsters at work

EXCLUSIVE: ...and the only one around to keep an eye on them is News of the World

By Phil Whiteside and Luke Layfield

A CHILLING scene to strike terror into the heart of every parent—two dangerous paedophiles FILM little children feeding the ducks in a park.

One is a pervert awaiting sentence after admitting a string of sex attacks on girls as young as 11. The other is a child rapist just out of jail.

Just DAYS before, camera-wielding fiend David Ramsden, 73, who has six previous child-sex convictions, had been freed on bail.

Keeping watch is pot-bellied sicko pal Vincent Graham, who was jailed for 10 years in 2001 and is only just out on licence. He's at the same hostel.

The shocking pictures here and on Page One PROVE the need for Sarah's Law which would give parents and carers the right to know about child sex beasts in their area.

These two monsters should NOT be on the streets, they should NOT be out together and they should NOT be unsupervised. But the only people watching them at any time during their stomach-churning outing were News of the World investigators.

This highlights the scandal of predatory sex offenders released into the community in ill-supervised hostels.


The News of the World has successfully campaigned to get them banned from 11 bail hostels near schools. But many others are still allowed to house child-sex beasts.

Thankfully Ramsden was finally behind bars last night after being jailed for a year on eight counts of sexual assault on four girls aged 11 to 13. He'll be out in six months.

But just two weeks ago, days after he'd admitted the offences but before he was sentenced, the News of the World tracked him down to St Catherine's Priory bail hostel in Guildford, Surrey.

We watched as he left carrying a video camera and tripod and took a bus into the centre of the town and headed straight for a busy park on the edge of the town centre.

The wrinkly pervert, who was joined on the park bench by his pot-bellied pal Graham, 59, set up his tripod so the camera pointed at some ducks by the river. And the disgusting pair waited.

Before long a family with two young girls aged between four and seven came along and started throwing bread.

Every few minutes Ramsden leered through the viewfinder to make sure his innocent targets were still in shot as his rapist mate kept lookout.

Two more girls skipped around and laughed, happily feeding the ducks as Ramsden sneakily steered his lens. The cunning perverts remained at the site for more than an hour until the park began to empty. Over the following days, our investigators saw Ramsden visit Guildford town centre on several occasions.

Each time—in a variety of bizarre outfits, including military hats, a red waistcoat, jodhpurs and the regimental tie of the Blues and Royals—he mingled with families and children.

When approached, he denied being a child-sex offender and said he was a wildlife photographer who liked ducks.

Pal Vincent Graham is a Schedule One sex offender, the most serious category, who is known to be a danger to children. He was convicted in 2001 of raping children and placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Police regard him as a high-risk offender who ought to be closely monitored by probation staff.

Sources told the News of the World he moves around using an unusual walking stick with a monkey model attached to it which he uses to attract children's attention.

He also wears false flashing ears which provide an extra draw for fascinated youngsters. News of the World investigators spotted Graham with Ramsden on FIVE occasions outside the grounds of the hostel.

Four times they were seen together at a cafe in the Friary shopping centre and twice they were spotted in a park. Known paedophiles are not supposed to associate as it is well known they can swap tips on how to abuse and trick their victims.


A source, whose identity is being kept secret for protection, told the News of the World: "These monsters are a danger to children. It's madness to have let them out.

"To put them in a hostel in the heart of a busy town full of families is simply crazy. They could strike again at any time and placing them here simply ensures plenty of potential victims."

Although he'd originally been sent to prison to await trial, Ramsden was granted bail by Recorder Stuart Lawson-Rogers when he appeared at Guildford Crown Court to admit his offences last month—despite previous convictions for six other sex assaults on children in 1993.

On Friday when he appeared for sentencing a different judge jailed him and banned him from mixing with youngsters under 18 when he comes out. He said: "Children have got to be protected."

Last night the mothers of two of Ramsden's little victims from the Surrey village where he lived backed the News of the World's fight for Sarah's Law.

One said: "If we had a Sarah's Law we'd have known about his previous convictions.

"We would have known straight away not to trust him. But as it was, he ended up abusing our children."

The other added: "If we knew where they were we would not have to lie awake at night wondering where they were and whether they were out there after our children."

# WE have altered the pictures of the girls in the park to conceal their identities. If you think they are YOUR children contact Surrey Police on 0845 125 2222.

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