Sunday, April 30, 2006

PRESCOTT: How he risked everything for lust


By James Weatherup

TWO-SHAGS John Prescott is under new pressure after lurid claims in his mistress's sex diaries that they had FOUR shags a night.

Tracey Temple sensationally claims she gave the Deputy Prime Minister sex in his office as he was going though his government papers.

And, the News of the World can reveal, the secret affair only ended in the LAST MONTH, not in 2004, as the Deputy Prime Minister claimed.

In a series of devastating entries, leather-trousered secretary Tracey reveals how Prescott:

ROMPED with her in the afternoons in his office and at his plush grace-and-favour London home, Admiralty House

INDULGED in seedy phone sex when they couldn't be together

TOOK the secretary back to his flat to bed her immediately after they'd attended the Iraq war memorial service with the Queen

PERFORMED like a tiger and was incredibly enthusiastic in bed despite his age and bulk

SNEAKED into her room for sex at a hotel while trusting wife Pauline waited downstairs.

As bookies slashed the odds on his survival, lardy Prescott, 67, was holed up grim-faced inside his Hull mansion.

And temptress Tracey, 43, who loves to wear red leather trousers in all weathers, was facing the sack from his department over her embarrassing revelations.

But at the same time she bitterly accused Prescott of betraying her. She is furious that "lots of lies" have been told about her and protests she has been "dumped."

She said: "He exploited power for his own sexual gratification. We made love in John's office. We were lucky we never got caught."

Tracey, who has had flings with a string of other married men, logged their secret romps in astonishingly graphic and explicit hand-written diaries which reveal Prescott was a tiger in bed.

The man known as Two Jags was more than Two Shags. Three, and on one occasion even FOUR, times a night was common.

And she recorded breathlessly that she was delighted he was such a practised and adventurous lover with the passion and stamina of a man half his age.

She confided that she found it impossible to believe she was the first woman with whom the married Deputy Prime Minister had been unfaithful—because of his expert technique

She said "I find it unlikely that I am the first—or that I will be the last!"

The diaries records details of frantic, wild sex in his grand office at the Cabinet Office, at Admiralty House and at Dorneywood, his official country residence.

She also details another occasion in a Southampton hotel when Prescott had sex with her in her bedroon then brazenly went down to join Pauline—who was with them on an official trip—for dinner.

She also claims that Prescott had a string of lovers during his political career, including a parliamentary candidate 20 years ago.

And one of her diary items in the Mail on Sunday recalls how after the solemn Iraq war memorial service at St Paul's Cathedral, attended by the Queen, Prescott whisked her back to his flat desperate for a sex romp.

She says: "The service was nice. Had to go back to the flat with the boss. He can be a randy old sod at times coz he wanted sex again he was so up for it though."

She tells how he would regularly grope and grapple her during the working day. And when unable to be together they would coldly indulge in sordid phone sex.

Sometimes she would go to his flat once or twice a week, other weeks not at all. She said: "It was usually spontaneous. I would stay no more than an hour. We would have sex."

She recalls they first made love on Thursday Dec 19, 2002, the day after the office Christmas party. Tracey agreed to go back to Prescott's flat and as she walked in he started kissing her and undressing her. He carried her into the bedroom and went out of his way to make sure she was satisfied.

They had sex, then went into the kitchen for a coffee. She asked him if he had any regrets and he told her he hadn't.

Soon it was a full-blown affair. A pal told the News of the World how they used to have a secret code when they were in the office.

"He'd slip off to his flat and arrange for her to bring him something he'd forgotten. She'd then sneak off through the internal corridors"

We can also reveal that Tracey, Prescott's diary secretary, carried on having secret sex sessions with the passionate Deputy Prime Minister until just a few weeks ago.

One source added: "I think it only stopped when they were rumbled." Whitehall sources believe Prescott claimed the affair was historic in a desperate bid to get forgiveness from wife Pauline.

However, Prezza and Tracey continued with secret meetings at Prescott's Admiralty House flat until very recently. And the pair were even together in the days before the news of the affair broke.

When that happened her bosses initially supported her. They whisked her on to a plane to stay with her mother in the South of France and arranged new phone numbers.

But now she faces the sack for breaking the strict civil service code of behaviour. Having an affair with a minister is not in breach of it but speaking to the media without permission or selling a story is an instant sacking offence.

Last night furious Tracey hit out at the way she'd been treated

She said: "A lot of lies have been put about about me which have been very upsetting and distressing to me and my family.

"I have done nothing to bring this upon myself. Yes, I had an affair. Yes, John Prescott and I had an affair."

On how Prescott issued a statement confirming his adultery, Tracey added: "He wasn't going to say anything about it, and I certainly wasn't. But I wasn't given any choice!"

She claimed that since the affair became public she has been "betrayed, dumped" by Prescott, the civil service and the government and left to cope with the flak alone while everyone else focused on protecting the Deputy Prime Minister's reputation.

She added: "Everybody else is giving their version of what I am meant to have done and what I'm meant to have said and what went on. There are only really two people who know. Now the world is going to know."

Tracey also revealed how she performed oral sex on him Monica Lewinsky-style in his Whitehall office.

She told how, in an astonishing abuse of power, they even did it with the door open.

She said: "If I was wearing a skirt he would slide his hand up my leg, under it. He used to stroke my back.

"And yes, I did give him sex in the office a couple of times. We were very lucky we were never caught as we never shut the door."

Tracey revealed how married Prescott demanded sex from her in his grand office-while civil servants worked outside.

Sometimes they did it behind the desk, other times just inside the door.

She told the Mail on Sunday how he would grope her when she went into his office for diary meetings.


He would touch her, kiss her and cuddle her behind his desk and things would go on from there. It was quite risky.

The temptress also recorded in her bombshell sex diaries that Prescott got frisky in the Admiralty boardroom, a government conference room.

Tracey revealed how when she went in to take some notes he touched her breasts and started kissing her.

But in her diaries she said that on more than one occasion she was worried about 67-year-old Prescott's health.

Tracey said their affair lasted two years during which she met Tony and Cherie Blair and all the leading Cabinet ministers. But she believed none of them suspected that anything was going on between them.

She also said she had a close relationship with Prescott's wife Pauline, 66, and never wanted to break up their marriage.

Tracey has always been open about her relationships to her friends, and often boasted about her sex diaries.

She boasted to friends that she liked to record "every kiss, snog, grope, and ****" she ever had."


She explained: "You're only young once, I don't want to forget any of it when I get old and I'm past it!"

As her betrayed ex-fiance Barrie Williams, 46, has revealed, she enjoyed regular boozy nights out with her friends when the conversation would get spicy.

She would regularly start giggling about her hot and heavy affair with her married boss, one of the most famous and powerful men in the country.

She told the pal: "It's fantastic, amazing. He's so strong and confident. He says while we have to be discreet to at least some extent we have nothing to be ashamed of, we're two consenting adults, so why should we skulk in corners when we're together without our partners?"

The pal said: "Tracey told us her affair with Prezza was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to her. She loved talking about it, and told us that she was writing it all down in her diary.

"At the beginning I used to take the mickey out of their sex life, ‘What's it like bedding a pensioner? Does he need Viagra? Does it last more than 30 seconds?' That kind of thing.

"But she soon put me straight on that! She said he was an eager and energetic lover it staggered her. She said he couldn't get enough, and he could go on long after she was tired.

"She insisted he was far more than once a night. Once she came back the morning after a night out when we'd been gossiping about his prowess to tell me, ‘I checked my diary, we DID do it four times in one night once!'

A source close to Prescott—who was at home in Hull last night trying to save his marriage to Pauline, his loyal wife of 44 years—revealed: "John is a big, physical type of person.

"Like Tracey, he is a very tactile person and they just clicked sexually.

"She couldn't keep her hands off him and he responded in kind. She told friends that he was very eager and energetic lover."He was having a lot of dirty fun at his wife's expense."

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