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EXCLUSIVE: He's sent to bed early at Harry bash
By Clive Goodman

BOOZY Prince William and his gang of braying pals outraged guests at Prince Harry's passing-out ball with disgraceful drunken antics.

They were so SOZZLED and out of control they could hardly stand, complained VIPs.

And Wills was finally advised to QUIT the glittering black tie bash and go to BED in his Sandhurst quarters.

One of his crowd angered military top brass by POSING as a senior army officer all evening.

Another boasted loudly that he'd lost his wallet to a stag-night HOOKER.

Just hours afterwards Sandhurst's commandant General Andrew Ritchie rang William's office at Clarence House to register the complaints and ask for an explanation.

The prince's private secretary, former SAS officer Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, is now trying to smooth over the row.

But the embarrassment didn't stop Wills going out clubbing the following night—after just one hour's sleep— and partying till dawn.

His astonishing behaviour cast a shadow over little brother Prince Harry's big day when he passed out of the famous military academy as a second lieutenant in the Household Cavalry.

Earlier he had beamed with pride as he shared a joke with his grandmother the Queen during the parade.


But at the ball afterwards William and his loudmouthed cronies astounded guests with the amount of champagne, vodka and beer they guzzled. Their outrageous drunken behaviour got steadily worse as the night went on, before the prince apparently took the advice of senior officers and went to bed early.

A source at Sandhurst, where William, 23, is also training, said: "One of his civvy pals impersonated a brigadier all evening and tried ordering people about. He and the royal gang thought it very funny."

"Another found it highly hilarious to brag about a stag-night encounter with a prostitute and losing his wallet. Nobody else found them funny, but it was typical of their sort of Hooray Henry behaviour.

"These people are upper class twits who should know better.

"Because of the behaviour of Wills and his friends, the prince was ‘advised' to leave the party and go to bed. Which he did.

"But the really surprising thing is it was Prince William behaving in this way, not his brother.

"Prince Harry was as good as gold all night. He was a perfect officer and gentleman."

William's girlfriend Kate Middleton wasn't at the do. She was on the guest list but didn't turn up. However the prince is red-faced and smarting over the complaints. He claims that while he was having a boozy night, the allegations are "much exaggerated". A family friend said: "He admits he and his pals had drunk quite a lot, but says they weren't out of control. William is angry people have been telling tales to the commandant.

"But it's hugely embarrassing that Clarence House got an earful from the general."

Wills told a pal: "I was pretty good all night. I was a bit drunk but not massively so. It's all pretty unfair that the commandant is involved."

Last night a Clarence House spokesman confirmed William's office has been assisting General Ritchie with his inquiry since Thursday.

It is understood that the academy will not be laying a formal charge against William. "We've spoken to Sandhurst and no official complaint has been made. Someone had had a word and that's it," said a spokesman.

As the row erupted, friends of Prince William tried to play it down as "trivial". One said: "There was one lad pretending to be an officer and it seems to have upset some people. News went straight up to the commandant and he started asking questions. "William doesn't want to name the chap or go into detail. He's being admirably loyal to a friend.

"It was a party and they'd had a few drinks, but none of them can remember anything untoward. There was some larking about and boisterousness. He admits going to bed early but says he himself decided to leave."

Meanwhile friends were astounded it was William in trouble. He's seen as the wiser brother to wild Prince Harry. One said: "The fact is William likes to party just as hard as his brother, but he's usually a lot more careful. What will be irking him most is that he and his friends got caught. He usually knows just the right time to go home.

"But at Sandhurst William is no longer surrounded by a gang of cronies all willing to take the blame for him. He has to take it on the chin, whether it's fair or unfair."

As our exclusive pictures reveal, besotted brother Harry, 21, had too much of a handful with stunning girlfriend Chelsy Davy to misbehave.


The couple had obviously recovered from the tiff over his night out at a lap-dancing bar. She wore a new pair of PLATINUM EARRINGS, thought to be a gift from Harry to say sorry.

A pal said: "She was furious at the time about him ogling strippers, but he's hard to stay angry with."

In his smart new Blues and Royals dress uniform he barely left her side all night. A guest said: "They were very sweet together, always touching each other or holding hands.

"I noticed them just swaying together to the music. Chelsy whispered something in his ear and he just pulled her to him and gave her a great big hug. A few minutes later she led Harry on to the dance floor for a slow smooch." Tanned Chelsy, 21, looked sensational in a revealing backless dress, with her blonde locks swept up into a sophisticated hairdo.

"Chelsy clearly adores him and he seemed to be introducing her to just about everyone he knew there," said one Sandhurst source.

The ball boasted a bar with a huge vodka ice fountain. Some guests were getting underneath it to slurp the alcohol straight into their mouths as it trickled down a slab of carved ice. "There was also an alcoholic chocolate fountain and fairground ride," said one guest.

The next evening William led the royal partying again—despite having snatched just ONE HOUR'S sleep.

Although he left the ball early to go to bed, he ended up drinking in the barracks till dawn on Thursday, snatching a few minutes kip before going on parade.

That night he whisked Harry, Chelsy and Kate off to trendy London nightclub Bouji's with friends.

Wills was the last to leave with Chelsy at 3.30am on Friday. Harry left 40 minutes before. And Kate ducked out even earlier at 1.45am.

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