Sunday, February 26, 2006

THIS MAN'S THE DEVIL... it's only a matter of time

By Carole Aye Maung & David Martyn

ONE of the world's worst serial paedophiles is living free among children in Britain, waiting to pounce. And the police can do nothing about it.

We tracked down notorious sex monster Robert Excell to his ‘safe house' lair in the Oxfordshire countryside—just yards from a kiddies' playground AND a primary school.

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One of his tortured rape victims predicted: "He WILL do it again. It's just a matter of time.

"Excell is a sick bastard—an evil, sadistic predator. He is the devil— and I'm absolutely horrified that the authorities would ever allow him anywhere near children."


British-born Excell, 67, has spent 37 of the last 39 years in an Australian prison for a catalogue of appalling sex crimes against young boys.

Three times he was released on parole and EVERY time he struck again, wrecking more innocent lives.

But after being freed last year he was branded a "continuing risk" to kids and deported home to Britain— merely to be put on the sex offenders' list and allowed to ‘vanish' into a new life under a false name, apparently unsupervised and all funded by the taxpayer.

Scandalously, because all his crimes so far have been on foreign soil, the British authorities are powerless to act against him— until he inevitably attacks yet another child. As well as adopting the fake name Daniel Wright, Excell has undergone a staggering transformation in a desperate bid to hide his true identity. He has shaved off his distinctive goatee beard, chopped his mullet hairdo short and shed weight.

Now he looks more like a storybook grandpa—unrecognisable from the bloated, wheelchair-bound monster who flew in last August.

After moving into his bungalow with wife Maxine—a psychiatric nurse he met during therapy in 1982 —Excell has become the "friendly new neighbour" gradually infiltrating his unsuspecting community.

We saw him chatting to the mums and young children who have to pass his back garden to get to the playground just 150 yards away, or the school beyond that.

From his plot Excell has a clear and uninterrupted view of the youngsters playing on the swings and roundabout. And he seems to spend a lot of time in his garden.

Last month there was a public outcry when Excell—who claims to suffer from asthma, diabetes and a heart condition—-was given backdated disability benefits and grants totalling £17,000 for a new car and improvements to his new home.

He is also entitled to weekly handouts totalling £262 in disability living allowance, incapacity benefit and severe disability allowance. Strangely, this week he looked in the peak of health. We even videoed him shopping WITHOUT his wheels. But as victims and former fellow inmates warned, Excell has always been a master deceiver.

A one-time jail pal revealed how Excell—who was sent to Australia in 1948 on the Child Migrant Scheme— was in the habit of exaggerating his illnesses to appear less dangerous.

"Excell may look all weak and harmless in his wheelchair—but don't be fooled," said the friend.

"He'd NEVER ride it around prison. He plays up his illness—but he's a very dangerous man. He'll strike again if he gets the chance."

Just like he did in 1977 when he lured a 13-year-old called Paul into his clutches and subjected him to a degrading brutal rape.

When we told Paul—now a businesman and father of six in Perth, Australia—of Excell's new life and image he recognised his attacker's guile. "He's an evil trickster who worms his way into children's trust," said Paul, recalling how he was conned into his ordeal.

"I'd been swimming with pals at the beach when we were approached by Excell, who was walking his German Shepherd dog.

"He told us he was a dog trainer and we were all very impressed. And his dog WAS great.

"I played with it all afternoon and it was one of those days I didn't want to ever end. So when Excell suggested we meet up later to go to a drive-in movie, I couldn't wait. I actually thought I'd be playing with his dog some more.

"Unknown to me none of the other boys' parents gave them permission to go and when I got to Excell's home he took me inside and locked the door. I was expecting to see my friends but I was all alone—and I remember immediately feeling very, very afraid.

"Excell gave me a drink and I'm pretty sure he put something in it because it made me feel woozy.

"There was already a video camera set up and recording. Excell said if I told anyone about what was going to happen, he'd show the other boys the pictures. Then he told me he was going to hurt me.

"And he raped me. He really hurt me. Afterwards he dropped me at the end of my street. I went inside my house and cried all night.

"My brothers eventually coaxed out of me what happened, called the police and he was jailed again.

"But what Excell did has haunted me ever since and I've contemplated suicide several times. The damage lasts a lifetime. I can't believe anyone would ever allow Excell anywhere near children again.

"I can't stress enough how dangerous this man is. If he is ANYWHERE near children they are in peril.


"What are the British authorities thinking of? Please tell parents NEVER to let their children out of their sight while he's in their area. I'm very afraid for those youngsters.

"Next time he could go further. I believe he is capable of much worse."

Excell himself admits he is a master of deception. In a vile autobiography he hopes to publish he brags: "I blossomed. My actor, liar, manipulator and conman were well out in front."

True to form, Excell lied again when we confronted him on his doorstep. At first he denied his true ID, insisting: "I'm Daniel Wright" before slamming the door.

Later the cowardly weasel ushered wife Maxine to the door to own up and attempt to spin excuses.

"What about our rights?" she shouted. "Yes, he re-offended, he was shocked. He didn't know what he was doing."

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yes he lives right next to my sons school we want him out but police are protecting him i am going to court under the public order act because we want rid of him so thats justice for you me trying to protect our children and i end up in court