Sunday, February 05, 2006


CARTOON PROTESTS: Scotland Yard nicked demo troublemaker armed with cartoons, but they gave this ranting Muslim dressed as a suicide bomber... a licence to hate!

By Lucy Panton

A PROTESTER dressed as a suicide bomber in the heart of London is ignored by cops another troublemaker is arrested for handing out offensive cartoons.

Full of hate, the Asian man in his twenties had gone out of his way to cause maximum offence.

He arrived at the west London demo in camouflage grey and white trousers, a white T-shirt and a black army-style waistcoat covered in bulging pockets.

The man, with two pals, also wore thick padded gloves and a black bandanna.


One onlooker said: "He was clearly dressed like a suicide bomber—the waistcoat he was wearing had pockets which appeared to be filled out with packages.

"This man was there to intimidate passers-by. It was extremely offensive considering what Londoners have been through with the July bombing atrocities. There were police nearby but he was not arrested."

But another man, suspected of trying to provoke Muslims, was hauled inwhen cops moved in to stop him handing out copies of the cartoons which sparked the demo.

He and a second agitator—the pair are believed to be German and Irish, were held for breach of the peace. They were taken to Central London police station for several hours until the demo had finished.

A police source said: "We don't know the intentions of these men but the fear was that they were going to the demonstration to distribute the cartoons and stir up trouble."

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Each case must be dealt with on an individual basis taking into consideration the circumstances facing the officers at the time, on the ground, the environment or overall context."


But Inayat Bunglawala, speaking for the Muslim Council of Britain, called the "bomber" protester "offensive and totally unacceptable".

He was among around 1,500 Muslims protesting outside the Danish Embassy in London. Denmark was the first to publish the Mohammed cartoons.

Scores of complaints have been received by the police after a protest there on Friday which featured vile placards with messages including "Britain you will pay—7/7 is on its way". Placards at yesterday's demo were far more restrained.

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