Sunday, December 03, 2006


By Nadia Cohen

I'M A Celebrity jungle babe Myleene Klass has confessed how she was bursting to bed her hunky lover the moment she got out.

She peeled off her grimy shorts and T-shirt to remind breathless fiancé Graham Quinn exactly what he's been missing for the past three weeks.

Talking for the first time of their amazing sex life, TV's loved-up Queen of the Jungle exclusively told the News of the World: "Graham's an incredibly gorgeous man—of course I couldn't wait to get back in his arms.

"It was the longest we've ever been apart, and the longest we've ever gone without making love. After all the bruises and cockroaches it was wonderful to feel his arms around me again."

Relaxing in their plush five-star hotel suite, the former Hear'Say beauty giggled as she recalled romantic highlights of their six hot years together: "We're pretty adventurous sometimes—we've done it on a piano and I know all the practice rooms at my old music school intimately.

"I can safely say they were not only used for practising classical music!

"Graham loves my body and he adores it when I dress up for him in stockings, suspenders and stilettos.

"I really enjoy that but I'd only do it for him. If everyone saw it, it wouldn't be ours."

Myleene—who was just pipped for first place in the show by new King of the Jungle, Busted star Matt Willis—revealed how she secretly pined for Graham as she battled for votes in the steamy rainforest.

She said: "I missed having my best friend in there to cuddle up to at night, to lay my head on his chest and have that pillow talk."


Myleene Klass opened her heart for the first time about the shameful past of her fiancĂ© Graham Quinn—a convicted heroin dealer.

I'm A Celebrity runner-up Myleene, 28, insisted Quinn—who she lovingly calls ‘Gray'—is a reformed character and she is determined to stick by him.

But she confessed: "I knew all about what he'd done right from the start, but I never judged him.

"I'd have to be perfect myself, like Mother Teresa, to pass judgment on somebody like that."


Pusher Graham was arrested in 1996 with more than £1,000 of heroin but jumped bail and spent six years on the run, changing his name from Smith to avoid capture.

He was on the Interpol wanted list when he met Myleene six years ago as a bodyguard for her band Hear'Say.

He immediately confessed his past to her, but it wasn't until his picture was recognised in a news-paper that Myleene encouraged him to give himself up and face the music.

He was expecting a harsh punishment, but escaped with a £1,500 fine and an 18-month suspended prison sentence after pledging he had turned his back on crime.

Myleene admitted: "Gray's not proud of what he did. But now he's a changed man and he has done good work with a lot of kids. I've seen him put his hand in his pocket and take needy children to hostels.

"He genuinely had a problem back then, he took drugs, but he's paid the price.

"I never felt trapped or duped because he'd been honest from the start.

"I stood by him and he's stood by me in some very dark times. People say ‘In sickness and in health' and those words, they mean something to me.

"Because of what Gray's been through he's wise and not so quick to judge, and I like that. When I went into the jungle he said ‘Make sure you'rebloody perfect before you criticise.'

"And that's why I got along with everyone. Gray would never do what he did again, he wouldn't dare. I know he wouldn't."

Myleene revealed she now plans to marry in the New Year and start a family.

And she said the close bond she feels with Graham even worked in the jungle. "There were times during my 19 days in there that I honestly felt like he was in there with me," she said.

That feeling was especially strong when Myleene found herself alone—like she was in those sensational shower scenes in a skimpy bikini that drove millions of TV fans wild!

Glimpses of water splashing over those killer curves sent temperatures soaring in wintry Britain. But modest Myleene had no idea she was putting on such a show. "I find it hilarious," she laughed. "I can't imagine people found that interesting. I'd no idea everyone was going on about the white bikini. All I could think about under the shower were the bruises and cockroaches all over me, and how cold it was!"

Myleene, dubbed I'm A Celebrity Queen of the Jungle after becoming the final girl left in there, developed a special routine to spare her blushes from the hidden cameras.

"I did this whole song and dance changing into my bikini in the dunny, then coming out and putting my shorts and hat on," she said.

"I'd wear it all down to the waterfall then leave my clothes by the side so that as soon as I was out I could throw them back on.


"Just like every woman I don't like my own figure. If it's a photo you can seem perfect, but in real life I know what's going on out there.

"I only went for showers in the afternoon when nobody was around.

"But you don't realise there are cameras and cameramen everywhere until you hear a tree cough!

"The camera guys gave me a round of applause when I came out. I said, ‘Is that for the singing?' But they just winked and said, ‘You'll see!' I had no idea!

"I'm like every other girl. I have conversations about stretch marks and cellulite. I hate my bum and thighs, who doesn't?

"All girls have those wobbly bits. And I genuinely love my food. I lost a stone in the jungle but I've had two burgers already so I'm going to stick that straight back on and love every minute of it.

"My fella Gray will say I look amazing but he's my fella. He has to say that. Or he won't get fed!"

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