Sunday, November 19, 2006

TWO-TIMING MARIA: Sound of Music star caught cheating

Exclusive by James Desborough

SOUND Of Music heroine Connie Fisher has a secret Edel-vice—sneakily doing all her favourite things with backstage sound man Leigh Davies.

After innocently kissing hero lover Neal Williams ‘So Long, Farewell' at home, she rushes to the arms of her London Palladium squeeze.

In a cheat-packed week, Connie— whose pure voice and goody-goody image clinched the lead role as the songbird nun in TV reality show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?—was clocked:

- SNOGGING Davies passionately in dark alleys and doorways.

- MOUTHING sweet nothings on an intimate dinner date.

- ENJOYING romantic hand-in-hand strolls around London's West End.

- CUDDLING up with him on the backseat of a cab.

One fan who spotted them told us: "They behaved like a couple really smitten. Their hands were all over each other and those clinches were so passionate. They only had eyes and lips for each other."

The week was all go. While keeping those trysts from trusting soldier Neal, crafty Connie, 23, managed to win rave reviews for the Andrew Lloyd Webber hit's official opening, wow crowds at the glitzy first-night party and put on a storming performance of Do-Re-Mi for Friday's BBC Children In Need marathon.

Connie, 23, and Davies, 29—who also has a long-term partner, actress and singer Vivienne Carlyle—went to great lengths to hide their relationship from the rest of the cast and crew. But on FRIDAY November 10 Connie and Davies were spotted slipping away from the theatre for a cosy dinner date.


The technician waited nearby while Connie signed autographs for waiting fans. Then he jumped in a VW people carrier with her and they were whisked to Soho. After being dropped off they held hands as they walked to swish Italian restaurant Carpe Diem on Wardour Street.

They sat at a small table and talked passionately, caressing each other's hands.

Eventually they emerged, but gazed longingly into each other's eyes then ducked into a dark alleyway for an intimate two-minute snog. A bit later they were seen kissing in a doorway.

Hand-in-hand, they strolled to Soho Square and enjoyed yet another kiss and cuddle on the corner.

As Connie's driver pulled up, Leigh tenderly kissed Connie on the lips, saying goodnight. He then waited for his car to take him home to Gidea Park, Essex.

A theatre insider told us: "You'd have believed that Connie and Leigh were the real thing—they were all over each other."

Next day—SATURDAY, November 11—they were at it again.

Pembrokeshire-born Connie kissed he-man Neal–who has served under fire in Iraq with the 31st Signal Regiment—on the driveway of her home in Sydenham, south London, before heading in to perform her matinee at around 12.30pm.

The couple, who have dated for more than three years, met up for a Chinese meal close to the theatre around 5.15pm. Unsuspecting Neal then returned to his Wimbledon home.

After the evening show, when stage door crowds had vanished, Connie and Davies came out and walked arm in arm towards Carnaby Street.

The pair held hands, chatted affectionately and stared long into each other's eyes before ducking into a dark corner and kissing intensely for about two minutes.

A fan who spotted the action said: "Even though they tried to duck out of sight they could be seen getting very intimate. They really went for it." All smiles, the couple turned back but couldn't resist a second doorway session with Connie's hands running all over her man's back.

They then walked separately to the nearby Shaston Arms pub, arriving around 12.30am for drinks with friends. Forty minutes later Neal, 27, met smiling Connie at the pub front door. They left holding hands soon after, and headed back to her home.

The fan who saw it all told us: "Connie just switched back into faithful girlfriend mode. She acted like everything was normal, and they walked off hand in hand.

"Her boyfriend didn't seem to have a clue about what happened just minutes earlier." On MONDAY Connie was with Neal at the Palladium until early evening. Minutes after he left, Davies arrived for work around 6pm.

After the show he watched from a doorway across the road and made a phone call as Connie signed pictures for fans. Then he strolled off down Regent Street—until Connie picked him up there in her chauffeured people carrier 10 minutes later.

In the back of the car they hugged passionately and went into a deep snog. As they drove across town Connie was clearly seen nuzzling and kissing Davies. At around 11.30pm Leigh got out at Liverpool Street Station, enjoying a lingering smooch before jumping onto a train home.

Another driver told us: "They were like teenage lovers. The second the bloke set foot in that car, Connie just flung herself onto him."

On TUESDAY Davies and Connie again took time out to enjoy each other's company, strolling down Carnaby Street deep in conversation for 35 minutes.

WEDNESDAY was the show's press night followed by a big star-studded launch party. Connie and Davies both arrived with their partners. Smiling Connie and Neal headed home around 1.30am. But Davies and Vivienne, right, appeared to have a blazing row on their way out around 20 later. Furious Vivienne, 34, who has starred in West End musicals herself, pulled away from her man as he tried to walk arm in arm to their car.

On THURSDAY night after the show Connie repeated her Monday routine of picking Davies up in Regent Street, away from the theatre, before enjoying a 20-minute kiss and cuddle in the back of the car on its way to Liverpool Street.

Minutes earlier Davies had even pretended to say goodbye to the singer, helping load her bags into the car outside the stage door and strolling away. At one stage on the ride across town Connie disappeared low in the vehicle for over three minutes as Davies remained motionless.

After a long goodnight snog at the station Davies walked away and blew the star one last kiss.

Despite a whirlwind rise to fame from telesales to West End megastar, Connie vowed to stay grounded and stick with signalman Neal. She has said: "Neal is my own rock...we haven't changed. I can come home and always be his Connie."

She added: "He's so gorgeous. He looks like Brad Pitt, so there's no way I'm letting go of him. There's more chance of him running off with Jennifer Aniston than me running off with anybody."

But a source at the London Palladium revealed: "Connie and Leigh's friendship has been the talk of the show for the past few weeks. They appear extraordinarily close. It's got tongues wagging."

Last night, when asked about Davies, Connie said: "Are you serious? He's my sound guy. I haven't time for an affair.

"I go out for drinks with lots of members of cast and crew. Going out for drinks is not having an affair."


Anonymous said...

Sounds convincing.

Anonymous said...

i bet she was out for a drink with the cast, she had 1 to many and they shared a kiss that got snapped, and i bet they never even ment for it to happen, and after 1 drunken shot, they have been playying this whole story, just to rip someone to shreads (which is all the press care about)

in my opinion, i don't think any less of connie, i still respect her as a theatre performer, and think she is a nice person, i hope these silly lies the press make up don't convince anyone, like they say, don't believe everything you read in the newspapers!