Sunday, September 17, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Tarrant's wife hunts 'other woman'

TV STAR Chris Tarrant's suspicious wife Ingrid set a team of private detectives to watch the woman she believes is his secret mistress.

Determined to know every detail, she set a fling-buster team of private eyes on Chris and "the other woman", issuing the shock order:

"Nail him and I'll divorce him!"

Although Ingrid publicly declared this week that her husband wasn't the type to even kiss another woman, she is privately convinced the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? frontman has been having an affair with a 50-year-old business acquaintance for more than A YEAR.

In desperation she called in the detectives earlier this summer, gave them the woman's name, address, details of 59-year-old Chris's text messages and ordered them to:

# STAKE out a suspected lovenest in Bucklebury Common, Berkshire, which she nicknamed "F***lebury Common".

# FIX a secret tracking device to the family's silver Mercedes to monitor all Chris's journeys.

# TAIL the woman to check her every movement.

Today's revelations—plus news that the Tarrants have split after 15 years and Chris is now staying with friends in London—follow his amazing confession to the News of World last Sunday that the marriage was in crisis over a drunken snog with another woman in a divorcees' bar.

And last night friend of the couple told us how weeks ago worried 51-year-old Ingrid made an appointment to see former Metropolitan Police detective Jim Shurvell, of JVS Investigations, at his home in Epsom, Surrey, just seven miles from the Tarrants' Esher mansion.

"She was very distressed and was in a state of high anxiety," said the pal.


"She dashed into the house, paranoid that she'd be recognised by neighbours.

"She told the investigators that an affair would be straightforward to prove and outlined her plan of where the detectives had to be placed and at what time. She wasn't concerned about money or how much it would cost, she just wanted the proof.

"Once she had that proof, she was going to head for the divorce court."

She claimed Chris had been having a fling with the woman for over a year after meeting her on charity work.

Once she she was convinced of Shurvell's credentials, she hired him and his team for £30 an hour per detective to tail her husband.

In a series of face to face meetings with motorbike-riding, tough-talking Shurvell, Ingrid handed over details of the other woman's £1million in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, where she lives with her partner, who was last night said to be devastated by the latest shock twist in the saga.


Ingrid's ‘dirty dossier' also pinpointed the isolated country property which Chris had just bought 25 miles away in Bucklebury Common, that furious Ingrid insisted on calling "F***lebury".

The house, called Osgood's Gulley, is approached by a narrow, unmade road and would provide the perfect love rat's hideaway, she believed.

Ingrid also instructed that an electronic tracking device should be secretly attached to Chris's car so they would know where he was 24 hours a day. The sophisticated gizmo was yesterday still believed to be on the vehicle.

Still emotional and distressed, Ingrid pleaded with the undercover team to be as discreet as possible.

Shurvell and his team covered both houses for several weeks, and tailed Tarrant throughout London and the Home Counties by car and motorbike. But in the end they had to report to Ingrid that they had uncovered no evidence of Chris being unfaithful, and no evidence of any contact with the other woman.

Disappointed Ingrid then called off the dogs and paid the bill.


A family friend revealed: "When she was told the results of the surveillance Ingrid seemed extremely agitated and blamed the agency for failing to get the goods.

"Her friends feel very sorry for her. She is like a bird in a gilded cage with more money than you could ever imagine and a string of luxury cars and houses. And yet it seems like she's had the cares of the world on her shoulders."

When we contacted ex cop Shurvell he told us: "I never comment on clients.

"What are you trying to do, ruin me?"

Our inside source said last night: "It's very sad but there's no way back for Chris and Ingrid now.

"They've split up and Chris has moved out of the family home.

"But Ingrid has been very brave this past week, especially when she stood on her doorstep and told the world that she didn't believe Chris had it in him to even kiss another woman. But inside she clearly thought differently."

Ingrid, who has two teenage children with Chris—plus four from their former marriages—spoke out to defend the £3.5million-a-year celebrity after was seen snogging a busty brunette in the R Bar near their home.


She branded some women in her neighbourhood as "desperate Surrey housewives" and insisted of the kiss:

"It would be something that someone did to him and before he knew it, it was over.

"I suspect that he didn't do anything. He's not the sort of person who would do that—but someone would do that to him.

"I've been with him in the past when women have thrown themselves at him and even lifted up their skirts with no knickers on. It's quite disgusting."

But last night she was in a differenct mood. When we put our latest revelations to Ingrid she said:

"All I can do at the moment is be the best possible mother to my children and sort it all out with Chris.

"I don't want to say anything until I've sat down and digested all of this."

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