Sunday, August 27, 2006


Be a pen pal for our troops

By Robert Kellaway

THE NEWS of the World today calls on its army of readers to lift the spirits of our brave boys and girls in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Single lads among the troops are having a miserable time with temperatures of 50C, no beer in sight and no girls to chat to.

In Afghanistan, there has been an unprecedented period of heavy fighting and casualties suffered without complaint.

In Iraq it’s just as hot with our boys constantly at work carrying out risky infantry patrols.

So come on girls, if you are single and up for a laugh we want you to send a letter and include a glam picture of yourself.

But please keep it decent, as unsuitable letters or pictures will not be distributed to the lads.

What you write is up to you, but remember the guys need cheering up.

For a reply, please include an address or email for the soldier, sailor or airman to write back to.

We are NOT forgetting the 1,000 service WOMEN in both countries working just as hard as the men.

So come on all you News of the World hunks, it’s time to do your bit and send the girls some encouragement - and a photo of you looking your best.

Send your letter and picture to: PENPALS, News of the World, 1 Virginia Street, London, E98 1NW or email them to

If you are a man writing to a servicewomen mark your letter SERVICEWOMAN in the top left corner of the envelope or in the subject line of the email.

The letters will be distributed among single men and women of all three services in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are a total of 12,000 troops serving in both countries so atten-shun - get writing.

A spokesman for the MoD said: “This is a brilliant idea and we know it will give the morale of our people a fantastic boost.

“We will be working extremely hard to get all the letters out to single serving men and women as fast as we can.”

A Royal Marines Major about to serve six months in Afghanistan with 3 Commando Brigade from October, added: “It’s a great idea.

“A similar thing happened with my platoon in Rwanda in 1994.

“One of the lads wrote home complaining there were no girls to talk to, no beer and it was too hot.

“We got sackloads of mail back and some of the girls were kind enough to include a photo.

“Mail is always a treat to look forward to but this made it really special.

“A couple of the boys struck up genuine friendships and found girlfriends as a result.

“It gives the boys such a boost to know the girls back home are thinking about them, it only takes a minute to drop them a line.”

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martina said...

hope all you lads ok out there, me single, 35, blonde, slim, 5'8, blue eyes, anyone need a penpal 4chat, would be glad to talk, with best wishes, chat soon i hope, love martina xxxx